Gillian Behnke, Mom Camp CEO

Community relations manager and event planner by day. Fitness coach and Mom Camp CEO by night, (and very early morning). A busy mom of two, Gillian cares deeply about helping other moms feel better both mentally and physically.

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How to “Marie Kondo” Your Life

It’s not just our homes that need a good spring cleaning, our lives do as well. Finding herself near burnout, Gillian developed a simple system of identifying priorities, setting boundaries and ultimately finding what “sparks joy” in life.

Gillian Behnke’s background is “multi-dimensional.” For her day job, she has worked in marketing and event management for over 15 years, and for the last six has been leading the team that hosts Canada Day at Canada Place.

Following her own 80lb weight loss journey, Gillian began a blog and a side business supporting women as an online health and fitness coach. She is a skilled problem solver and her passion is connecting people with solutions that will improve their lives and work.

As a busy mom of two, she cares deeply about helping other moms feel better both mentally and physically. This led to the November 2018 launch of her new business, Mom Camp, an online resource to help moms live their best lives.

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It’s here. Sunday. The FINAL day of registration for the Survival Skills Bootcamp. I can’t believe it. We just wrapped filming and I can’t wait to get started tomorrow. This process has pushed me WAY outside my comfort zone. Like leaping off a cliff outside my comfort zone. ‍ But then I think about those moms that ask me “how to you make time for that?” “How do you stay motivated?” “I don’t know how to meal plan,” or “How can I find time for exercise?” ‍ This is me, pouring all my tips, tricks, tools, resources, motivation…everything I have, basically, into this course. My proven systems. They’re all in there. Plus a bunch a bonus stuff. Because I want to help busy moms feel more in control. I want to help you prioritize and streamline your schedule so you actually have TIME for things you WANT to do, not just what you have to do. ‍ If this sounds like something that could help you make some awesome changes in your life, you can check it out at the link in my bio! But do it now because it closes TODAY!

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