About Leading Moms

Be Connected  | Be Moved |  Be Understood

Leading Moms began with one woman’s vision to rebrand motherhood. To create a unique experience in which women could draw inspiration from other moms. To give women the opportunity to share a mutual experience that would also be incredibly personal.

Launched in 2011, Leading Moms is a celebration of motherhood where moms come together to inspire and be inspired by the stories of women making a difference in arts, business, education, media, politics and community. The mix of performance, video and intimate talks delivered straight from the heart brings women together to create community in a unique and compelling setting.

Leading Moms acknowledges the burden that comes with motherhood and offers in exchange a day that isn’t about paying lip service. As successful and accomplished as the speakers on stage are we know that everyone in the audience is also a Leading Mom. And at the end of the day we want every single attendee to feel that way too.

Leading Moms is deep.

Leading Moms is profound.

Leading Moms is real.


Each year I leave the event feeling refreshed, and inspired. Leading Moms is about connecting other moms in the community. It’s a day to immerse yourself in inspiration, and focus on yourself; something that oftentimes gets put on the back burner.
Jamie Khau
Influencer @ Styling the Inside
Last year I had the opportunity to attend my first Leading Moms event and I was left encouraged, motivated and inspired.
Codi Lynn Warmerdam
Influencer @ Creative Wife & Joyful Worker
It’s not hard to feel in awe…. I am left with an extremely full heart and spirit, having met some amazingly resilient and strong women who have indeed figured out that balance for themselves.
Karolyn Wooten
Karolyn Wooton
Feature Writer @ Networking in Van