2017 Sponsors

Dine at Central, UBC

Dine at Central, UBC is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2017.

Located near the gateway into UBC, on the corner of U Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall, Central has seven new exciting eateries for you to explore and enjoy.

Locally owned and open late, get an inspiring dining experience at JamJar Canteen, Rain or Shine Ice Cream, Nori Bento + Udon, JJ Bean Coffee, Joe Pizza (opening soon), Tacomio (opening soon) and Bao Down (opening soon).

Instagram: @jamjarcanteen

Grounds for Coffee

Grounds for Coffee is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2017.

Grounds for coffee was a child of the ‘90s – minus the jelly shoes. In 1992, our President and Founder, Dan Hilton, decided to make a 180-degree turn in his career: from banking to baking. He started Grounds for Coffee in 1993, as Vancouver’s coffee culture was beginning to pick up steam, and settled into the business of developing a knock-out cinnamon bun recipe from scratch.And that’s exactly what he did. Nearly a quarter-century later, Grounds for Coffee sells its cinnamon buns, which are still made by hand with locally-sourced ingredients, to hundreds of locations across B.C. and Alberta.

We are committed to providing the finest-quality food and beverages for our customers, and a cozy neighborhood haven in which to enjoy them. We’re also committed to maintaining a happy and healthy team of employees, which is why we’ve built exceptional employee benefits into our business.

Twitter: @groundsyvr
Instagram: @groundsyvr

Erica Miller Photography

Erica Miller Photography is a Partner of Leading Moms 2017.

Erica is a Lifestyle, Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Langley, BC. She is also a wifey to her best friend and hubby of 13 years and a Mum of 4, {3 boys and a little lady}. She loves adventure and being in the beauty that BC offers, incorporating a lot of this love of scenery into her photographs. She has been a visual storyteller for the last 10 years, celebrating the milestones alongside her unbelievably rad clients.

Erica and her husband Shawn also own Young, Hip & Married, a Relationship Coaching and Custom Wedding Officiating Company to help couples prepare for marriage and tell their love story. Their heart is for Rockin’ Marriages that last. They built both of their businesses while raising their family, having 4 kids in 6 years, and love being entrepreneurs and how that allows them to be so hands-on with their kiddos.

When she’s not working, she is at home with her family, riding bikes around the seawall, traveling, playing at the beach, hiking, lifting weights, thrifting and hosting dinner parties that include Local Beer and Delicious Food (not made by her….her hubby is an amazing chef… seriously…the best! xx:)

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

spacectrH.R. MacMillan Space Centre is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2017.

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is a non-profit community resource. Through innovative programming, exhibits, and activities, our goal is to educate, inspire and evoke a sense of wonder about the Universe, our planet and space exploration. Visitors can learn about space and the night sky through planetarium star theatre shows, live demonstrations, and an interactive exhibit gallery.

Wesbrook Village

Wesbrook Village is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2018.

The ideal balance of urban village in a natural setting, Wesbrook Village is a collection of shops and residences nestled in a forest on UBC’s Vancouver campus. The easily accessible community features top ranked University Hill Secondary, a newly opened Community Centre, free family events and a variety of playgrounds.

Instagram: @wesbrookvillage


Budding Children’s Garden & Daycare

buddingBudding Children’s Garden & Daycare is a Partner of Leading Moms 2017.

Buddings Daycare is offering a limited number of FREE hourly childcare spots to Leading Moms attendees from 8am – 4pm on Oct. 27 on a first come, first served basis. Full details are available after you register.

Leading Moms, meet modern childcare! Budding Children’s Garden & Daycare offers the social, educational program that’s perfect for preschoolers and toddlers – and flexible for parents and families.

Scheduling childcare around the appointments and meetings that keep your family hopping means you only have to pay for the hours you use, and members can log in, pay, and book licensed childcare with as little as one hour’s notice. It’s flexible educational childcare for Vancouver’s leading (busy) moms. We’re pleased to meet you. 🙂

Instagram: @buddingsdaycare


One Girl Can Society

onegirlcanOne Girl Can Society is a Partner of Leading Moms 2017.

Since 2012, One Girl Can has invested in rehabilitating four schools in Kenya and Uganda and has built much-needed classrooms, science labs, dormitories, washrooms and libraries. There are currently 130 high achieving girls raised in extreme poverty, on secondary school scholarships and 63 girls in university pursuing degrees that will lead to lucrative careers.

Over the next 10 years, One Girl Can will provide scholarships that will see 1000 skilled and competent young women graduate from university and embark on careers in a diverse array of professions, from teaching and nursing to civil engineering and business management.

The secondary scholarship program will cultivate hundreds of determined and confident girls, capable of critical decision-making and independent thinking and give them an increased chance at attending university. All of them will help lift their families out of poverty and begin to shift the needle on economic growth as well as gender imbalance and injustice towards women — an issue that is so prevalent in the developing world.

Twitter: @OneGirlCan
Facebook: @OneGirlCan
Instagram: @OneGirlCanSociety


G Day For Girls

gdayG Day for Girls is a Partner of Leading Moms 2017.

G Day is a day of celebration and empowerment for tween girls ages 10 to 12 and their “Champions” (parents and other caring adults) that honours the transition between childhood and adolescence. G Day events are designed to inspire positive self esteem and supportive family and community relationships at this key life phase.

G Day is working to create a global social movement, starting with holding events in communities across Canada where Girls and their Champions can come together to welcome, witness and receive Girls as they enter the next phase of their life journey.  At G Day, we become the “Village” it takes to raise a child, if only for a day.

The next event will take place on October 20th, 2017 at the Ismaili Centre Burnaby — check the website for tickets and more information.

Twitter: @gdayforgirls
Facebook: @gdayforgirls
Instagram: @gdayforgirls



skoah is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2018.

Personal training for your skin is “what skoah does” and represents skoah’s comprehensive approach to skin care. The aim of personal training for your skin is to provide customers with an effective, easy-to-understand skin care program that generates lasting results. 100% Canadian, all skoah products are made and produced in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia.

simply powerful skin care

When it comes to skin care there is the constant debate of natural products versus science-based products. skoah®’s skin care products are more nature than science, but take the best from both. They are more natural than a lot of ‘natural’ product lines, devoid of low quality substitutes and loaded with top quality ingredients. The base oil in skoah creams is polysilane, a highly refined olive oil, rather than the frequently used petroleum by-products. skoah products also contain botanical extracts, natural minerals, bio-actives, organic compounds and powerful active ingredients – letting nature help to protect and nourish your skin.

Twitter: @skoah
Facebook: @skoah

Tsawwassen Mills

Tsawwassen Mills is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2017.

Tsawwassen Mills is a fully enclosed centre that features 180 stores, more than half of which are outlets, and includes 18 first-to-market retailers such as: Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Pro Hockey Life, Saks OFF 5TH, The Outlet by Harry Rosen, Michael Kors Outlet, lululemon athletica outlet, Browns Outlet and more.

The centre also features an 1,100-seat food hall, six public entrances, tons of parking with designated expectant mothers parking almost at every entrance, a nursing room and two family washrooms, a children’s play area, entertainment tablet imbedded strollers for rent, and the hallways throughout Tsawwassen Mills are easy to navigate and large enough for any type of stroller.


Instagram: @TsawwassenMills


Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2017.

We are committed to getting kids outside and active through safe, outdoor play. Our latest innovation, tgoma is the only digitally interactive trampoline game system that engages the entire family in backyard fun.

We’ve used smart engineering in every inch of our design. From our patented safety design to tgoma’s one at a time play feature, you’ll have peace of mind that your kids are having a safe, fun jumping experience.

We believe safety and quality go hand in hand. Every Springfree is built with only the highest quality materials; so you get the same enjoyment for years. Plus, you can jump on it all year long – even in the snow!

Twitter: @springfree
Facebook: @Springfree

Eaton Arrowsmith

Eaton Arrowmith is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2018.

At Eaton Arrowsmith we teach our students a series of exercises to help them strengthen their brains and address the cognitive weaknesses that cause their specific learning difficulties.

All of our schools operate on the principle of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to be strengthened over time with targeted training. This sets us apart from other learning intervention programs. Traditionally, a student who struggled with handwriting, for example, would learn to use a keyboard or be given more time to write tests.

We don’t teach students to work around their difficulties; we help them address them.

Over a 35-year history, Arrowsmith graduates have returned to public and private schools with an increased ability to learn. Our students go on to complete university degrees, find employment in their chosen fields, and pursue their dreams.


Sarah Lipi Videography

Sarah Lipi Videography is a Partner of Leading Moms 2017.

Award-winning creative director and filmmaker, Sarah Lipi, knew from an early age that her life would always involve a strong dose of creativity. Her journey began with graphic design at her family’s visual communications company in São Paulo, Brazil, when she was only thirteen years old. At university, she studied and earned a degree in multimedia graphics and film production and got a start in the film and television industry as a set decorator on TV advertisements. However, Sarah soon realized that her real passions were behind the lens as director, cinematographer, video editor, and photographer.
Sarah has worked on many independent productions. The Passage, her first short film, was screened at film festivals around the world, winning an award at the Canada International Film Festival. She also won the best cinematography award at the L.A. Web Festival for her work on the web series The Last Fall of Ashes, directed by Aaron Wrintrigham. Her photography exhibitions have been featured at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Vivo Media Art Center, and other galleries in British Columbia.

Recently, Sarah founded Doc ME!, a movie company that brings families together and save that moment through a stunning movie.

Twitter: @sarahlipi
Instagram: @SarahLipi
Facebook: @sarahlipimedia

Bauhaus Restaurant Episode 1 from www.docme.ca on Vimeo.

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