Rebecca Bligh, Vancouver City Councillor

A young single mother at 21, Rebecca knows the grit and determination to break through stereotypes and social barriers. And now, 20 years later, with a family of her own design. Rebecca shares how an unexpected pregnancy woke up her heart and jump-started her life. At 40 she is awake, aware and a Leading Mom.

About Her Talk

We are not a victim of our circumstances. Even in the most adversarial moments of life, we have a choice. From the start of motherhood to summiting her first four decades, Rebecca Bligh threads a lifetime of choices that includes a few laughs, some tears, and real-life fall on your face challenges that taught her that it always works out in the end.

Rebecca started her adult life as a young single mother, working paycheck to paycheck to provide for her young daughter. After over a decade working in a local small business, Rebecca found her calling in leading and facilitating leadership and communication work. Rebecca’s positive realism enables those she connects with to find possibility beyond their assumed limitations.

Rebecca volunteers with the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation. She also travels to Africa regularly, supporting sustainable leadership programs by partnering with NGOs in the education and ecological conservation sectors.

In 2018 Rebecca successfully ran for City Council. Motivated to advocate for gender equity, social support for women, mothers and inclusive communities.

Rebecca lives in East Vancouver with her wife Laura, teenagers Holly and JJ and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Kingsley.

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