Emelia Symington Fedy: Theatre creator, storyteller, radio producer and writer


Emelia is learning how to be a “bad mom.” It’s taken 4 years and she’s finally getting it down pat. From teaching her kid the “F” word to living with grief to battling being present with her kids. This talk with make you laugh/cry and sigh in relief that you are not alone, in fact Emelia is leading the way…

Emelia’s purpose is to talk about the dark, in order to shed some light. She does not shy away from her own imperfections, in fact, she candidly shares them so you know you are not alone in your messy life.

Creator of the uber popular blog Trying To Be Good, Emelia has branched out and is now offering creative coaching services, personal-pep-talks about how to sustainably make a living doing what you love AND her favorite- “The Anti- Mastermind group.” A virtual space where women gather to get clear on realistic goals, share group wisdom and use Emelia as as personal trainer for follow through!

Emelia is a performer, social media personality, writer and rebel-heart who loves making women feel good about themselves- especially the gritty, sparkly fucked up bits.

Twitter: @emeliasf

Instagram: @emeliasf

Facebook: @EmeliaSF

Web: www.tryingtobegood.com