Jessie Farrell at Leading Moms 2015

Jessie Farrell, Juno and CCMA Recording Artist

Jessie Farrell is a Juno and CCMA award winning recording artist best known for her hit singles “Let’s Talk About Love” and “Fell Right Into You.”

Inspired by her outdoor adventures with her three-year old daughter, Jessie has just released an album of family-friendly  songs about the joy and wonder of connecting with nature. The album is titled “Take Me Outside,” it is kid tested, with catchy melodies and simple, sing-along lyrics.

Jessie is from Vancouver, BC and splits her time between living in Saanich, BC and San Francisco. She is the Mother of 3 year old girl, Eloise Bunny, and a newborn son, Waylon River. She is constantly seeking balance between her music career and raising a family and believes the key is healthy smoothies and dark chocolate. When life gets crazy, Jessie loves to unplug from technology and go for a walk outside with her family… even if just for five minutes.

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