Tara Hungerford at Leading Moms 2015

Tara Hungerford, Award Winning Filmmaker

Tara Hungerford is a filmmaker with a portfolio of award winning documentaries, music videos and short films.

Over the past 15 years, Tara has built and managed Two Story Productions, a creative production firm recognized for excellence in original content for networks including CBC, Knowledge Network, Bravo!, and MTV.

She is a sought after writer and director, known for her creative leadership in aesthetics and storytelling. Her work has earned multiple Leo Awards, the Kodak Directing Award and a Canadian Screen Award.

With her husband, Eric Hogan, they have created a children’s television series, Scout & The Gumboot Kids, for Kids’ CBC. The show is inspired by their two young children, Wilfred and Paris. Together they live in Vancouver, BC.

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