Fiona Douglas-Crampton on Being Brave

Fiona Douglas-Crampton believes in the importance of having mentors and in being a mentor to others. Having grown up on a hobby farm in Southern Ontario with five siblings and a barnyard full of animals, Fiona’s early life was shaped by her parents’ inspiration and mentoring. Today, she regularly coaches people in career transition and delivers workshops on career search and relationship building for women in the job market.

Before becoming the CEO of the Minerva Foundation in September 2011, Fiona’s roles included Director of Membership Marketing and Executive Director of the Women’s Leadership Circle at the Vancouver Board of Trade, and Acting Director of Fund Development at YWCA Metro Vancouver. She is also currently a mentor with the YWCA and the Vancouver Board of Trade

Fiona resides in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, with her husband Dan, her two children and their dog.

About the Minerva Foundation

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