Leading Moms 2012 – Morning Program

Our morning program started with Sandra Heusel of Eaton Arrowsmith School, followed by the “Pretirement ladies” Diana Stirling and Shannon Ward. Dr. Gail Murphy shared her trials and tribulations managing tasks. Natalie Angell-Besseling recounted her path to opening a birthing centre in Uganda. Ratana Stephens of Nature’s Path Foods shared her wisdom, and her daughter Gurdeep Stephens spontaneously sang a few couplets from her grandfather’s song. World Hip Hop Mom Monica Morong got us moving and shaking with her smooth beats.


Thank you to Jenn Di Spirito Photography for sponsoring our event photos.

Jenn Di Spirito is a contemporary child and family portrait photographer who believes every mama needs a beautiful portrait with her little ones.

“Over the past 5 years, my approach has evolved into an experience that pampers mothers, celebrates their role in the family, helps them go into their photography session feeling confident and beautiful and, of course, gives them beautiful wall art as a result – both of their littles and together as a family.”